A Cowgirl Experience for the Modern Adventurer

Discover a Luxury Adventure Vacation

Admit it, you need a break.  At Cowgirl Camp, our mission is to provide you with that much needed break.  Come experience the freedom of the west.  Unplug from the everyday noise and come see how it used to be.  Ride horses through terrain that is essentially unchanged from pioneer days.  There are endless open expanses lying in wait- come explore them with us!


The Spirit of the Frontier

Out here in the west, we love to explore and fully appreciate a good adventure.  When you ride through the valleys and canyons of Montana, basking in the clean mountain air, you realize that the spirit of the frontier is still alive and well.  We do our best to honor the western spirit by letting you explore to your heart's content!

Let's Ride!

We know that new endeavors can sometimes be overwhelming.  No need to worry, we've taken strides to make preparing for your Montana Cowgirl experience as simple as possible- check out our information page to make planning a cinch!  Rest easy knowing that once you arrive, any anxieties you may have had beforehand will be washed away by the great people and breathtaking scenery that make Cowgirl Camp such an amazing experience!


Comfort is King

We love roughing it outside, but we also love the creature comforts of home.  Here at Cowgirl Camp, we've found the perfect balance of keeping things wild, while providing you with all the things you are accustomed to at home.  This is glamping at its finest- you won't need to worry about setting up a tent or finding dry ground; everything has been set up for you.  All you need to do is ponder the big questions of life, like why didn't you do this sooner?

Discover Your Wild Side

At Cowgirl Camp, our number one priority is you.  We want you to discover your wild side; the side of you that is ready to run free.  Out here, we breathe the wide-open air of Big Sky Country, and something about the Montana air tends to bring out the best in everyone.  Cowgirl Camp attendees discover things about themselves that they never knew, and find strengths they never knew they had.  Maybe it's about simplifying life, or maybe it's about surrounding yourself with like-minded people that brings about the change inside.  Whatever the case, we are here to accommodate your needs and share some laughs along the way!