Jeana Noel Cowgirl Camp

Get to Know Montana Cowgirl Camp

“I love people and I love sharing my Montana.”

Meet Jeana Noel

Those twin passions led Jeana Noel to establish Montana Cowgirl Camp, the nation’s premier riding and “glamping" adventure for women.

Doing so has been a labor of love for this highly-accomplished trail riding horsewoman who was raised in the South, and traveled the world, but was drawn to the vistas, the lifestyle and the magic of Montana.

Along the way, she developed a thriving independent business, raised her own cattle and found her calling as an ambassador of the West and of what she calls the “Cowgirl lifestyle.”

What compelled her to leave her Florida home and head West were memorable early experiences at guest ranches in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Ultimately, the vast open spaces and cattle drives of Montana motivated her to pick up and move there. It was her interest in enhancing women’s lives and helping them “connect with their inner Cowgirl” that led her to open Cowgirl Camp.

It has been a unique kind of journey, to be sure. But, then again, Jeana Noel, with her vivacious personality, her love of entertaining and her fascination with the “Freedom of the West,” is a unique kind of woman.

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